On two days Tina & Basil Wolfrhine visited the Natural monument, Altschlossfelsen, Eppenbrunn, Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany.

The rock outcrop formed of bunter sandstone is locadet in the Palatine Forest of Germany, near the border with France. The 1,500-metre-long rock wall is located on a hill known as the Brechenberg near Eppenbrunn, 406 m above sea level.

The Altschlossfelsen is well known because of its many, diversely shaped rocks, caused by weathering, and its rare lichens.

Discoveries from the Hallstatt and Roman period and evidence of a medieval castle from the 11th or 12th century bear witness to earlier settlement but in this stunning landscape, the adventure team felt much more like they had been transported back to prehistoric times and met friends from a time long before our time.

Gaby and Alex joined the tour and took those amazing photos.