Basil Wolfrhine took a wee early morning walk to the Church of Scotland Church of St Munda before he had a braw scottish breakfast at St Munda’s Manse. The church is located at Brecklet in Ballachulish.

The original church of St Munda was on Eilean Munda, an island in Loch Leven. This new church was build of 1845 with battlemented tower added 1881.

Saint Fintan Munnu, Munn or Munda, lived in the late sixth or early seventh century. He probably came from Ireland and was connected with Saint Columba. It is suggested that at one point he was designated as Columba's successor in Iona but in fact returned to Ireland after a time spent travelling and preaching on the west coast of Scotland - hence Eilean Munde in Loch Leven and the churches of St Mun and St Munda in Ballachulish.

Gaby  took a few amazing photos of this sunny morning walk.