Monday 3rd February we broadcasted THE CAL SPEZIAL. The scottish Singer/Songwriter was live at the studio in Spall and presented radio world exclusive his latest song. 2 hours music and an interview and of course a lot of fun ;-)

CAL: During my German tour of 15 concerts, the highlight of the tour was my visit to Schotten Radio where I played 10 songs live, including for the very first time anywhere in the world, one of my new songs, "The Colours Of Scotland"

The studio was packed with enthusiastic fans who had turned up throughout the day, which was totally unexpected but added a welcome atmosphere to the show.

Very soon there will also be Schotten TV and Basil had already set up the cameras in studio 2 ready for filming. The following day after the radio show, we filmed what is to be the first TV guest broadcast.

We all had a fantastic time and I'm looking forward to my return visit in the summer for the Folkival Festival.

Good luck to Basil and the team with the launch of Schotten TV.